Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Weatherman's Cufflinks

So, this is a project that is especially special to me. My friend Carlos Faura is a weatherman. He worked at KOLO TV in Reno in the mornings when I met him. I used to watch his weather reports before I went to work. He has always been so complimentary about my jewelry. Every family birthday, when the birthday person passed their presents around, he would take such a close look at the gifts that I would make. He was complimentary, like most people are, but he would also ask questions about the designs and the techniques used to make the pieces. He was sincerely interested in each piece he saw of mine.

Most guys I know don't wear jewelry other than a wedding ring, so I only made jewelry for the girls. But Carlos was a special case. If anyone should have a custom made piece of jewelry it's him. He has a shirt with french cuffs, that is the type you need cufflinks for. So I made these for him. Weatherman cufflinks for my favorite weatherman. Sunny, partly cloudy, showers and thunderstorms.

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